// Smile //

[Picture in process… Georgina took it, just waiting for her to send it to me]

Those girls in the picture above are the ones that made me SMILE last week. The picture was taken almost 10 years ago in one of our trips around Europe.
We met at the Fashion School, we had just finished “bachillerato” (high school) and were anxious, happy, shy, excited, nervous to start something new, something that we had chosen.
We were the youngest students in the class, and we became pretty close friends until now. Although each one of us has her own life -some of us are married, some others live with their “chicos”, some of us work, some other not-, we always find time to meet for a coffee or dinner or any other plan.
The reason to meet this time was that one of us, Georgina, was leaving to Brisbane, Australia, in a couple of days and she doesn’t have plans to come back to crazy Spain. She has been planning it for a year and she is ready to go!
Spending time with them means chatting, laughing, remembering, helping each other, thinking about trips… and always SMILE. 

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