12 months -> 12 projects

JANUARY: a quilt for Allison

It was kind of a challenge for me because that was my first quilt ever! I think it has turned out pretty nice. Although it's not perfect, it's made with love and that's the most important :)

The documentation phase involved reading some blogs of really good quilters! They make such amazing things... The two of them that I liked the most are: Quilting in the rain and Crazy mom quilts.

This are the steps I've followed: 
   1. Cutting the fabric
   2. Assembling the pieces
   3. Putting together the three layers
   4. Machine basting
   5. Sewing the binding (machine and hand stitch). For this step, I followed this tutorial.

Really happy with the result, I can't deny it. Challenge overcome!

Next month: I'm planning to make some coasters for one of my cousins and for a friend. They have recently moved to a new place and I noticed they didn't have them. Hehe! Documentation phase starts NOW!


Sew Yellow

Another softie added to the shop. There's only one available for now. If you are interested in buying it, contact me.