Wedding Wednesday

Yes, I know today is just monday but I have a lot of news to share so I'll do it in different posts. Today's post is about wedding bands. Why is it so complicated to pick one?

I have been checking some sites and all I have been able to find is this:1. Diamonds 2. Simple 3. Graved

Does that mean that I have to pick my style among those three? What if I don't like none of them? What if the one I like is so expensive that I cannot afford it? What if... Can I stop saying what if?

Does my ring have to match his in material or style? Do we have to agree on what we want to put on our fingers for the rest of our lives or is it better that each one of us pick what one likes?

I'm in trouble. My head is a completely mess. I don't even know what I like. Too much information, maybe.

I should take it easy.

Do you want to help? Tell me which style you like the most :)

Have a nice monday!