Just The Two Of Us

Since Allison was born it has been just the two of us. We had to wait for all my legal paperwork to be accepted to be able to join my husband in Texas. But the waiting time is over: we'll be reunited as a family in October 7.

Although I've had my parents around all this time, in certain situations it would have been very helpful to have him near. Sometimes it has been hard, sometimes tiring, sometimes frustrating, but always satisfying. My baby is the cutest (as all babies are for their mums) and I would do anything for her to be happy so she can give me her best smile. That's all I need to forget all the hard, tiring and frustrating times.

I know adapting our just-the-two-of-us life to the just-the-three-of-us one will not be easy, but we will make it. We will be happier, stronger and... busier, specially Bi Zan and I. But we cannot wait to see Allison grew together, to share the same moments with her, and to love her and let her amaze us every single day of her life. 

We cannot wait to be just the three of us.