Fall, Fall, Fall?

I got up this morning and... surprise! The sky was all grey, it was cold and windy! 
What does that mean? What is that sky bringing? Is Fall coming back? 

Quick Update

Lately, I have been working on the Fall MiniBook that I bought at Elise's shop. Here is the first page, more on that this weekend. 

I have also finished the CD and Thank You cards for all the friends and relatives that came to our wedding, they should be receiving that by now. 

And I have also started our mini honeymoon album...

I'm totally busy with my classes and work that I can hardly focus on my hobbies. Anyway, I always find a little bit of time to work on it. 
Oh, quick update on the previous post. It looks like Fall went back to where he was before appearing a few weeks ago... it's sunny and hot all day long :(