Breastfeeding in public

Before being a mama, I tend to look at women who were breastfeeding in public, but with an innocent look. When looking at them I was imagining myself doing the same in the future because I think it is the most wonderful thing on earth, and we don’t have to hide it. I believe it creates an unbreakable bond between mother and baby. It is a unique moment just for the two of them. Now that I am a mama, I can say that I would never change that time with my baby for nothing in the whole world. I totally love it.

Currently doctors recommend mothers to breastfeed when the baby demands it, and to forget about the old theory of doing it every three hours. It isn’t only used to feed them, but also to calm them down when crying, to relief their stomachache, to help them sleep… I confess I follow my doctor’s advice: every time I feel she wants teta, I am more tan pleased of giving it to her.

It is true that I have only been a mama for eleven weeks; but since I am breastfeeding Allie when she demands it from the very first minute she was out of the womb, I have been able to hear lots of comments about it, comments like “are you giving her teta again?” or “why don’t you cover her head?”; apart from weird looks from strangers in the street that make me want to yell at them “I’m not showing you my teta, I’m just feeding my baby”.

Anyway, I’m happy with the way I’m doing and handling it. No matter where we are, I am always ready to open my shirt and feed my baby looking at her with a huge smile on my face. Those people will never make me feel uncomfortable when doing something so natural.

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Baker Mode

Ha! Baker Mode is the perfect one during summer time: a lot of free time, no big plans or deadlines, hot weather outside... Just the perfect time!

This time, it's the carrot cake's turn.

Easy recipe, check it out:

Enjoy it!