Amigo Invisible

At work, every year for Christmas we do the "Amigo Invisible". We all participate so somebody puts all of our names in a bag and each one of us pick one paper with the name of the person that they have to give a little gift. 

And today is the day. We have to bring the gifts and after classes we will open them and try to guess who has given it to us. 

This what I got for my "amigo": 

I got one for me too because I loved the quote, mine is the red one. 

I hope he likes it :)


Back to the blog world

It's been a long time since I last posted, a whole season to be precise. But, I have to say that, as I announced in the previous post, fall makes my creativity flow and I'm going to prove it to you. 

First of all, I finished my Fall Minibook. Here are some of the pages:
This is the first time I decided to do something on a daily basis and I succeed. Just to make sure it hasn't been something temporary, I'm going to start a Winter one. I haven't bought it at Elise's shop like the Fall Minibook, I had some Christmas and winter look patterned papers and I'm going to assemble it myself, let's see if it works... 
My purpose is to document a whole year using four minibooks. So, three to go :)

Apart from that, I have had an idea for a while in my mind now. Valery wanted me to do it by myself when I definitely moved to the US but I need somebody to tell me: "hey, this needs to be done by friday!"So I called my friend Maria, I explained to her my idea and she loved it! She actually had that too but she also needed somebody else, ha! 

So, a couple of weeks later we started this:
Right now we are in the "making stuff phase", we are going to start uploading pictures on our page in Facebook and trying to sale it to retailers. 

Busy like crazy at this moment but I'm going to make it, definitely! I'm motivated and excited. 

World, there we go!

P.S.: Another tiny big announcement will be made soon :)