Cambios I

Voy a reorganizar mi habitación... Por fin he convencido a los que estaban en contra!

Serán unos cambios un poco light, intentando gastar lo menos posible ya que, si todo va bien, dejaré de ocupar esta habitación en un año y medio.

Así es como está ahora:

Y este dibujo representa el resultado final:

Las fotos del después, en unos días :)


What was I thinking about?

Yesterday I posted "Five Sunday Favourites" thinking that it was actually Sunday! Having holidays makes my mind stop paying attention to the day she is currently living. Crazy...

But this holidays are going to end in three days. Tuesday I have to go back to work and university. I don't want that day to arrive... The third term of the scholar year is always awful: long sunny days outside while you have to stay inside some classroom trying to teach something to crazy kids or listening to boring professors.

Anyway, let's do nothing for the days we have left :)


Five Sunday Favourites #6

1. Modernist Mugs

2. Navy T-shirt

3. Red Strawberry Notebook

4. One Day In May, Catherine Aillot

5. Backpack

Happy Easter! :)