12 months -> 12 projects

I said in January that I'd be making coasters for my friend and my cousin, but February has been a very short month, it went by very fast! So I decided to postpone that project.

Instead, this is the project I accomplished:
It will be hanging in Allison's bedroom when we move to Houston about three months from now.

*The white frame is from Ikea*

// smile //

I haven't blogged for the past months and I apologize. I've been very busy with school and getting everything ready for our baby.

This doesn't mean that I haven't had time to SMILE. Here you have the most important moments:
snow | sunset | st. valentine's | coffee with 
friends and happy news (Maria is pregnant 
again) | Allison's teeny tiny clothes

Apart from those moments, there is a very special one: we get to see Allison in 4D. That was pretty exciting!