Snapshots of my weekend: 23-25 Mayo

Friday was Sant Jordi's Day that I can define as the Catalan Saint Valentine's. Men give us roses and we give them a book, you can read the story here. The rest of the weekend has been very quiet: a visit to an Ancient Roman fair, rehearsing and doing homework. I also tried to make a gift to my mum but my sewing machine didn't want to work, I think she misses the technician. Anyway, I will have to buy it instead of making it, so sad...

Have a nice week!


Dos Visiones en un Click

Hoy no hay Wedding Wednesday porque no hay ninguna novedad en el frente.

Sin embargo, os presento un nuevo blog que comparto con una amiga: Dos Visiones en un Click. Se trata de un blog de fotografía en el que cada semana encontraréis dos visiones de un mismo tema. Os invito a que paséis y opinéis!

Qué paséis un buen día!


Chef mood

I woke up this morning feeling different -maybe because I did it at 6am and I usually sleep for 3 more hours... I went to my Français class as every monday and when I came back I started cooking. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to eat pasta and that I would cook it with whatever there was in the fridge: just some veggies and chicken.

I started dicing vegetables (red pepper, zuchinni, leek, onion...), chicken brest and mushrooms (yes, I know that mushroom are vegetables but for me they belong to a different level, the mushroom's level! I just love them!). I have tossed everything in a frying pan with oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Then I put everything in a plate because the preheated oven was waiting for the veggies. When they were slightly toasted (I said slightly,uh) I added the maccaroni (or penne rigatte, already boiled, of course!) and then cheese covering everything. And it went straight to the oven again for a few minutes, just until the cheese was slightly (again) golden. And... ready to serve!

I can say it was delicious! My sis and mum loved it and it's them who always give me the hardest opinions, so I can say that the meal wasn't that bad, don't you think?

Have a nice week!


New Camera Bag!

I have received this morning my new camera bag and I love it, I love it even more than when I saw her on Etsy. So... Here it is:
I know the picture isn't to good but today has been a grey day and there was no sunlight coming in through my windows.

Ok, I bought it through Etsy as I said before and the brand is Gypsy Rose Handbags, that is the link to same one I bought but you can click on "items for sale" and you'll se plenty of camera bags.

Enjoy the day!


Wedding Wednesday!

Bien, tenemos los colores, el restaurante, la ermita y el vestido escogido; el mesero, los STDs, las invitaciones, los nombres en las mesas y los detalles pensados; el resto de cosas, sin mirar. Pero, creo que voy bien, todavía tengo tiempo!

En cuanto al mesero, me gustaría hacerlo con blondas de pastel, en la que los nombres estarán escritos con una letra de caligrafía preciosa (pues lo escribirá mi madre) y el número será de madera negra, sobre un lienzo de color azul (el de la carta de color de la semana pasada). Qué os parece? No hay foto porque es una idea que tengo en mente, la he medio probado y queda bien, elegante y vintage, vamos, perfecto!

Más detalles el miércoles que viene!


Monday again...

...and it has started pretty early, at 8am with a French exam!

I've been a little bit overwhelmed for the past days: university, work, French institute, wedding, theatre... But I have to focus because if I don't do it, I'll be lost during the whole term and that's not good...

Anyway, yesterday was my friend's son birthday and I attended to his party in a very nice cafeteria, actually a focacceria, called Buenas Migas. Oliver is a big little boy now, he is 1 year old!
That's him and his mum

Well, quick update today but I have to go back to my Linguistics book.

Have a nice week everyone!


Wedding Wednesday!

Hoy puedo afirmar que ya tenemos la carta de color para la boda. Después de darle muchas vueltas, éstos son los colores elegidos:
Y, ¿por qué éstos y no otros?
Bien, pues porque durante esta Semana Santa he tenido tiempo de bloggear bastante y el blog French Charming me llevó al de la fotógrafa Yvette Inufio cuyos coloros empolvados y la dulzura de sus fotos me cautivaron. Aquí tenéis una muestra pero os invito a pasearos por su blog o su tienda Etsy.
Feliz miércoles!


More Notebooks

I have been very busy lately, but I have had time to make some notebooks for my friends. I was so excited when I was making them that I forgot to take a picture of each one separately. Instead of that, I have this one:
I gave them the notebooks during a dinner in an asiatic-mediterranean restaurant which I highly recommend: Wagaboo. It is located in C/ Valencia (with C/Pau Claris) in Barcelona.

A few days ago I also made these two (and some others that I also forgot to take a picture of):

I have also attend a class with Kelly Purkey about creating layouts but I haven't practised using the ideas and sketches that she gave us. So... That's all for now!

Happy Easter everyone!