Cumpleaños en Noviembre

La semana pasada fue el cumpleaños de mi prima más pequeña, Lara. Y como la crisis apreta, le hice unas postales y una libreta :D

Y como su cumpleaños cae por las mismas fechas que el de nuestro abuelo, fuimos toda la familia a comer a un restaurante.

Feliz día de Acción de Gracias!



Julia has received for her 13th birthday "the cutest notebook I have ever had". Her granny is who has given it to her, and as Julia is happy, she is happy too. But, what Julia doesn't know is that her lovely granny has the same exact notebook and that she is going to start writing about her granddaughter. She is going to write a very special diary about the girl who fills her life with joy.


Elle aime lire des blogs. Oui, Julia aime lire des blogs de personnes inconnues qui écrivent sur des voyages ou la cuisine, spécialement sur les desserts. On peut penser qu'elle est un peu commère, mais ce n'est pas ça: voyager et cuisiner sont ses loisirs. Julia a treize ans.



This morning I have been to IKEA to buy some stuff and for them Christmas has arrived! There were wrap paper, ribbons, and all kind of things to decorate your Christmas tree. But what I liked the most was this set of Christmas cookies molds.

Maybe you cannot apreciate it in the picture but you have a reindeer, a squirel, a snail (is it related to Christmas? I don't think so! hehe), a fox, a bear and something like a hedgehod. I'm going to use them this weekend, I can't wait!


More Cards!

On Friday we went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my friend Xiaonan's birthday and I made this card for her. She loved it!
Besides I'm starting to make Christmas cards. I can feel Christmas coming... I love that time of the year. This is the first card I've made: