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JANUARY: a quilt for Allison

It was kind of a challenge for me because that was my first quilt ever! I think it has turned out pretty nice. Although it's not perfect, it's made with love and that's the most important :)

The documentation phase involved reading some blogs of really good quilters! They make such amazing things... The two of them that I liked the most are: Quilting in the rain and Crazy mom quilts.

This are the steps I've followed: 
   1. Cutting the fabric
   2. Assembling the pieces
   3. Putting together the three layers
   4. Machine basting
   5. Sewing the binding (machine and hand stitch). For this step, I followed this tutorial.

Really happy with the result, I can't deny it. Challenge overcome!

Next month: I'm planning to make some coasters for one of my cousins and for a friend. They have recently moved to a new place and I noticed they didn't have them. Hehe! Documentation phase starts NOW!

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