Anna's Birthday

May 29th was Anna’s birthday. She made a 3-days-plan and told her friends to come whenever they can to celebrate her 22nd birthday. So I decided to join her and her other friends on Saturday. The plan was meeting at Sants Estació at 1pm but everybody was late and we finally left at 2pm, we took the train to Sitges. Once there, we had lunch and spent the afternoon in the beach. It was funny and all her friends were nice. Around 6.30pm we left the beach and we took the train to come back.


What did I give her for her birthday? A card made for me (of course) and a very nice summer shawl (she liked it!). I was so on rush that I forgot to take a picture of the card, I will ask her to take one and send it to me, so I’ll post it.


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