Co-sleeping and breastfeeding

Believe it or not, I didn't choose to co-sleep, my husband did it for me. During my pregnancy I read several books that talk about co-sleeping and I was decided to put Allison in her crib. I talked about it with V and we both agreed.

Then she was born. 

We fell in love with her.

And our plans changed.

If I was putting her in her crib, she would start crying. Val couldn't handle it and asked me to let her sleep with me. I did it but telling him that when we arrived home it would not be like that. I was still decided to put Allie in her crib.

Then I loved feeling her peacefully sleep.

And my mind changed. 

How would I reject that incredible feeling? How would I destroy the bond that was being created? I couldn't do it. 

Besides, having a baby is tiring. Not the fact of giving birth, but the fact of taking care of her -specially the first months. A new mum needs to sleep too to be able to give the best of herself to that tiny creature. 

So, I co -slept and still co-sleep. I have breastfed my daughter and, leaving aside the sentimental part, co-sleeping has allowed me to sleep "through" the night. Nursing her half-awake-half-asleep and both falling asleep together is great! I don't think I had been able to get up every two hours at night, sit on the rocking chair, nurse her, put her back in the crib and fall asleep again. That must be tough!

Now I'm thankful to Val for making me discover all the precious moments that I have shared with our daughter.

Now that it's coming to an end.

Allie is one and things are changing. 

I'm breastfeeding her twice a day only: for her afternoon nap and at night. Soon it will be only once a day. And then it will be over. 

I am sad. Maybe more than her. She will probably forget and continue with her life, but I will always remember those moments.

Our moments.

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  1. :) tenéis que pasar por todo esto, y lo importante es que esos "our moments" se convertirán en otros conforme vaya creciendo. Seguir siendo vosotras y disfrutar la una de la otra!