Back to school

When I hear those three words, I can't help getting nervous. I think it's exciting in some way: new teachers, new school bag, new notebooks, new class, new books... everything is new! Is there something more exciting than using new stuff? I just love that word and hearing it makes me shiver of excitement.

However, for me to get to start saying "my new whatever", I have to pass my Ús Comparat exam on wednesday. I know some classmates started studying in July but I don't think that subject is such a difficult one to be studying for two months. My only problem is the spelling and, yes, I've been working on it my way: reading a lot in catalan. And now it's when I study all the theory. I think I'll do good. I'm confident.

Anyway, going back to the new stuff. If any of you wants to have a new notebook with your name or the name of the subject you're gonna use it for, let me know and I'll make one for you. You can contact me by email or by facebook and have a unique notebook like the one I made for myself, can you guess the subject I used it for?

Have a nice monday!

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