Graduation Weekend

As I promised, I'm gonna upload some of the pictures we took last weekend.

Friday ended better that I could imagine. There was an All-Nite Party in Kettering University. So funny! Among all the things they prepared, this one was the one that V enjoyed the most.
but they also had a foam-pool, card games, ping-pong and fear factor.

Saturday was the big day. The day V has been waiting for for years: his graduation! I'm so so so proud of him.

We took a picture with professor Davis: a very nice man and better professor.Here you can see the five of us. I love those kids.
And finally, Mr Lorou and his future wife ;) whose happiness you can see in their smiles.

* * *

One more thing to say, I have new materials (new fabrics and ribbons) that I can't wait to use. As soon as my exams are over, I will start sewing, designing, creating... I'm inspired and writing down all my ideas in my super notebook.

* * *

Have a nice week!

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