Busy girl!

I've been very busy for the past days. I'm busy now; I just took a break to blog. I'll be busy for the following days.

Nowadays, my word is "busy". But better busy than bored!

I'm just taking a break: everybody needs a break. This one is going to be a little longer. When I upload this, I'll go to the mall. I need to buy a few things before I fly next week.

By the way, I'll be going to Flint for V's graduation, but just for four days (I can't miss more days of class, exams are round the corner...). I will show you some pics when I come back, promise!

I'm missing creating; I can't wait to be done with the term. My sewing machine works now so I have to use i, don't you think? Lots of projects in mind!

I'll be blogging regularly after my exams. Until then, enjoy life, enjoy sunny spring!

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