Night shift

Yes, it's almost 3am and I'm working in the hotel. The man who usually works at night is on holidays so the 3 of us have to cover his shift. This is the third consecutive night. But the best thing is that I have two nights left, then 2 days off, then one morning shift and, two afternoon shifts and... I'll be flying!!!

Yes! I quit my job. I know the money I could earn would be good for me but money isn't everything. My man is sick and he needs me, I have to be by his side. Sooo, I'll be living in Indy for one moth. I'm so happy about it!

And, London... we'll see what happens when I come back in September. If I can, I'll go; if not, I'll stay (or I'll go back to the US for three months).

One last thing, if any of you have been in Indianapolis or Chicago and could recommend me some nice places, restaurants, shops..., that would be great!

Take care.


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