A bad day?

Yesterday was going to be a bad day.
I went to the school because I had class. When it finished, I had to go to return a book I bought because it had blank pages and after that the plan was walking around Barcelona to leave some resumes in shops to work this summer. Unfortunately, I came back home with all the resumes I had printed inside my folder and 40€ less inside my wallet because I stopped by the scrapbook shop and I couldn't help buying some stuff (super nice stamps!).
I was so frustrated! I didn't want to do anything that afternoon. I was watching TV when something remind me that I wanted to watch a movie that Kelly Purkey recommended in her blog: UP. I watched it online because here it isn't on yet. It's a very sweet and funny movie, I really like it.

I was feeling a little better, more positive and I decided to do some of my homework. I went to my room, sat on my chair, put all my paper on the table and when I took my pen to start writing, the neighbour's kids start shouting, they were having a party! I couldn't concetrate on what I had to do and my frustration was beginning to come up again.
I took a deep breath and I smiled, saying to myself that everything will be fine. I took my new stamps off their bag, I checked Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration and I started creating. But I couldn't finished the card I was making (I'll post it later) because my mum arrived and told me to go have dinner with her and go to the movies to watch Coco.

I loved the movie and I love Coco (I already loved her before watching that movie). Audrey Tautou does such a great job! I love both: Coco and Audrey. And if you like biographies I really recommend you to go watch this movie.
As a conclusion I just can say that I won, I didn't let my bad day to be that bad!
Have a nice weekend!


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