Waiting for you, Fall

Yes, I can't wait for the summer to finish! I'm a bit tired of it. I want to go for a walk and say: "oh, it's chilly outside, let's wear a cute cardigan". 

I confess I'm a fan of Fall, of watching leaves falling off the trees, of wearing long sleeve, of the smell in the streets after a rainy day, of using new books, of starting new classes...

This is going to be a special Fall for me. It's going to be my last Fall in Spain for a long time, I guess. And I'm excited because a friend told me that Fall is even more amazing there in the US, changes are more obvious and nice. Can't wait to live that! (of course, my friend loves Fall too ;)

I haven't post for a while, but I'll post more during Fall, it's way more inspiring to me!

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