Back to the real world

I finished my exams last Thursday, and that means that I'm officially on HOLIDAYS! Yay! I needed them to arrive so bad, it has been a hard year. Honestly I have to say that these last five exams are the first ones that I feel I am going to pass since I started my studies, cool, but weird, maybe I'm becoming more optimistic, maybe it's just the wedding air that surrounds me that makes me feel like that. Who nows?

Ok, what to do now? Definitely, focus on the wedding. Some things are not done yet... 

Like what? Like the kits I want to make for the kids coming to the wedding for them not to get bored. They always finished their food faster than adults so I think that having on their table some drawing, creative kits would be perfect. I am sewing a bag for each of them with some supplies and putting together some paper, glue, crayons, pencils, drawing and blank paper, among other fun stuff.

I also have to go buy some bubble soap and order the petals our guests are going to throw to us when we get out of the church, finish the favours (this will be done three days before the wedding because we don't want chocolate to melt :), and right now I cannot think of anyhing else, but I'm sure I am missing something...

Anyway, I have to go back to my sewing machine. 

Have a nice sunday everyone!

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