Birthday #28

Last friday I said goodbye to my 27th year. Welcome #28! I started the day in Starbucks
and finished at home with my family

It was a very happy day. Usually on my birthdays I don't feel excited, happy, positive... totally the opposite. But this time it was different and I can't say why. I can't find the reason why I was in such a good mood. I have to confess that all that happiness made me cry at night (but don't tell Bi Zan, he says I cry for everything:). Have you ever cried of happiness? It's good and after crying I slept like a baby.

Today, it was time for me to check my "27 things to do before my 28th birthday" and it has been a complete disaster. I have only accomplished 11 out of 27. Buuuh, bad, very bad! Last year was a tough one... Anyway I'm going to try it again. I'm going to write my "28 things to do before my 29th birthday". There it goes:

1. Take a selfie each month
2. Go to cooking classes
3. Visit 3 new cities
4. Find translation internships
5. Study chinese online
6. Make mini-albums regularly
7. Eat "bravas" every month, take a picture and grade them
8. Take the "Bus Turístic"
9. Visit "Casa Batlló"
10. Participate in any craft workshop
11. Knit a scarf
12. Learn how to use my new Mini Diana
13. Make something following the patchwork technique
14. Pass this year in July
15. Go to the gym at least once a week
16. Cook 12 different pasta dishes
17. Participate in a contest
18. Visit the "Torre de Colón"
19. Have our perfect wedding
20. Make three new friends
21. Pass the B1 French exam
22. Read 5 books
23. Watch 6 movies in the theatre
24. Change my bedroom/studio
25. Learn to swim
26. Post a tutorial of my own in this blog
27. Decorate our apartment
28. Accomplish every single number of this list :)

I think I should wish myself good luck, it's a very long list...

Have a nice week everyone!

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