I've turned 27!

Last thursday was my birthday, I'm starting the 27th year of my life. I didn't do anything special, I stayed at home, I blowed the candles, I ate the cake and I opened the gifts. Simple birthday.

As for the gifts, my sis gave me a "selfish teapot"
my parents a book and clothes
and V a brown leather bag and my Sant Jordi's book.
I wrote a list for my 27th year but I haven't done anything yet because that year actually starts on May 6th, so there I go! This is my list:

1. Find a job
2. Pass all subjects
3. Visit 3 cities where I've never been
4. Read 3 books, for pleasure not for the school
5. Scrapbook once a month at least
6. Visit Colón tower in BCN
7. Go to a museum at least every two months
8. Attend to Chinese classes in order to reach level 3
9. Go to 2 concerts
10. Design my own website/portfolio
11. Be in shape
12. Remember all my girlfriends birthdays
13. Go to a FCB soccer game
14. Bake bread
15. Attend a course on desserts
16. Do something that scares me
17. Discover 3 new restaurants
18. Take the "bus turístic"
19. Go to London
20. Make 3 new friends
21. Give all the clothes that I haven't worn lately
22. Find the perfect restaurant
23. Watch 3 black and white movies
24. Go 5 times to the cinema
25. Sing in a karaoke
26. Go back to my yoga classes
27. Lern how to use my new Canon SX20 IS

I'll do my best to finish it all.

Happy weekend!

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