Yeahp! I'm on holidays! I finished all my exams, uploaded all my papers... so now it's time to relax!

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Anna and then we had a tea with her friends at Caelum (a very very nice cafeteria in Barcelona). Although the sky was grey and it wanted to start raining, we headed to the harbor to see the fishes and after that we went for a walk to the Parc de la Ciutadela. Anna and Owen rented a boat and we (Jen and I) took some pictures of them while we chat.I took some more pictures of the park and a very typical one with the huge mamut that is in there.And another one of the Arc de Triomf.We were really exhausted and they invited me to have dinner at their place where we talk and play and laugh and laugh and laugh. It was such a funny day!

Thanks Anna, Owen and Jen! I see you in London very soon!

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